College of Engineering

Program Learning Objectives


Code Learning Outcome
K1 Acquire the knowledge of scientific principles which are fundamental to the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ENEE).
K2 Comprehend the theoretical concepts of mathematics and basic sciences from the perspective of ENEE.
K3 Attain the specialized knowledge applicable to the domains of ENEE.
K4 Nurture the ability to abstract, analyze and solve complex engineering problems that lie within ENEE domains.
K5 Develop the ability to understand and plan a comprehensive design/application related to the use of standards, specification, and realistic constraints. These considerations may include one or many of the following: economic, environmental, sustainability, compatibility, scalability and reliability.


Code Learning Outcome
C1 Demonstrate ability to work independently as well as a team member.
C2 Communicate effectively with the rest of the world, including teachers, fellows, potential customers, management, team members and various groups.
C3 Recognize ethical and professional responsibilities.
C4 Transform real-world requirements into engineering/technical specifications to initiate the design process and perform tradeoff analysis.


Code Learning Outcome
S1 Establish a high caliber of numerical skills as required by the engineering profession.
S2 Show the high level of computer, software and IT skills.
S3 Develop the ability to conduct experiments by consulting datasheets, reference handbooks, design manuals, SOPs while ensuring safety and repeatability.
S4 Demonstrate data acquisition and interpretation skills and make informed judgement/conclusions related to experiments of different nature within ENEE.
S5 Display a good understanding of safety/security measures and good engineering design practices.

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