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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Program
The department of Electrical and Electronic engineering is one of the most important department at the University of Jeddah. Establishing this new program was a main requirement for our recently established faculty at University Jeddah. Current technological trends like artificial intelligence, industrial automation, electric cars, satellites, and 5G wireless communications places Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the center of technological advancement and learning environment of KSA. The program is planned to provide training and skills to the graduates so that they are highly sought in different industries that has electrical and electronic systems. In accordance with vision 2030 of KSA, the program will transfer skills and knowledge necessary for a knowledge-based economy, and thus, is expected to play an important role in transformation of society into technologically advanced and knowledge-based ecosystem. Graduates will not only be work force for local and global industries, they will be able to think, advance and transform their innovative solutions into business solutions..


Program Goals

Electrical and Electronic Engineering program aims to achieve following goals by imparting knowledge and skills to the students:

• Graduates will have a successful career in Electrical and Electronic Engineering within the kingdom and worldwide.

• Graduates will pursue their professional development through self-learning and occupational training.

• Graduates will contribute to the welfare of the society and the development of the profession through responsible practice of engineering. .


Total Credit Hours


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